نحن نقف معا   ko tātou tātou  we are one

PAPAROA refers to an area spread with cloaks to mark a special place of honour.  This website was launched on 31st March 2019, primarily as a response to the horrific terrorist attacks on the Alnoor and Linwood Mosques in Christchurch. As-Salaam-Alaikum.

The Paparoa team
Linda Williams at Paparoa
Paparoa and the far right / alt right

The organisers behind Paparoa have chosen to remain anonymous, given ongoing threats the general level of psychosis that characterises the far right. We also guarantee anonymity to our supporters, collaborators and contributors. This is explained further below. Linda Williams is the sole exception. Although she isn’t sure about having her photograph or address published for family reasons, Linda (who is from Auckland but is currently based in Australia) has volunteered to act as the group’s contact and liaison person. Please note however: all Paparoa email accounts are currently suspended pending a security review. Watch this space for an update. Ivan has volunteered to co-ordinate our database project, ‘the Paparoa Files’, which is run along lines similar to Wikipedia. And a shout-out to Pete, who set up the website pro bono and got the ball rolling, IT-wise. We couldn’t have done it without you.

We got some great help before starting this project, and we want to acknowledge all the researchers and activists who have worked in this area for so many years. Ka kitea he mahi tino pakeke rawa te mahi nei, te whaikōrero, ehara i te mahi kai parāoa, he mahi mā te tangata mātau. The concerns you have expressed again and again have been truly borne out – not just by what happened in Christchurch but by the appalling rise in racist attacks, islamophobia, hate speech, social media trolling and targeted vandalism. Among our activist friends there is also a brave bunch who have reached out to the white supremacists and tried to understand what makes them tick (an apt metaphor if there ever was one!). Great work – we hope to be able to help.


• To act in the public interest by relaying information on the white supremacist movement, neo nazis, islamophobes and the far right from the community to key figures in mainstream media and research communities;
• To provide practical, moral and financial support to those affected by far right activities;
• To share as much data as possible with others in the Paparoa network, insofar as the law allows;
• To build cooperative relationships with any Islamic body, non-governmental organisation, academic, researcher, journalist, or representative of the faith community that is working in the same area.


When you join Paparoa your identity is totally protected. We don’t even know it ourselves. In fact even the researchers don’t know each other… all we know is that we have passed a vetting procedure. This security model may seem a bit O.T.T. but many of the people we are dealing with in this work are, by definition, sociopaths.
• Unless we find cause for concern, we do not ask for your name, address, phone number or date of birth. All we need (temporarily) is your email address.
• As a supporter, your email address is not stored anywhere on our servers. Even if Paparoa were hacked wide open, no link to your identity could be traced. All that could be found is a long list of people who have subscribed to the newsletter.
• Our servers are based in Iceland, which (along with Switzerland) has the most advanced legislation in the world to protect online privacy.
• When you join we will send you an anonymised user name and a password. After that, not even your own mother would recognise you!  🙂