Want to become more involved?

Have you signed up as a supporter? If so, we'd love to work with you more closely! However, our research has been making us a few enemies. We've had a number of far right people trying to join, and others have offered us bogus information. Because of this we need to do a bit of a due diligence. Some of the questions below may seem pretty nosey and we wish we didn't have to ask them! Our goal here is to make sure, as far as we can, that those who join our working groups are among friends.


• To act in the public interest by relaying information on the white supremacist movement, neo nazis, islamophobes and the far right from the community to the mainstream media and people working the field of far-right research;

• To provide practical, moral and financial support to those affected by far right activities;

• To share as much data as possible with others in the Paparoa network, insofar as the law allows;

• To build cooperative relationships with any islamic body, non-governmental organisation, academic, researcher, journalist, or representative of the faith community that is working in the same area.
Please note: These goals are provisional and will be revisited at our first members' meeting.