NZ hate crime reports 2004-2012

NZ hate crime reports: 2004-2012

Police don't collect data on hate crimes in Aotearoa/NZ, despite calls to do so from the Human Rights Commission, the U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination and the U.N. Human Rights Council.

NZ Spy agencies don't seem interested either. Earlier this year it emerged that there was not a single mention of right wing extremism in ten years of public documents (more).

Exasperated by this, the Human Rights Commission started doing it themselves. Good on you, Joris de Bres! Last night (14/6/19) the HRC published the results online. "It Happened Here: Reports of race and religious hate crime in New Zealand 2004-2012" is available for download here.

The incidents reports range from murder and kidnapping to serious assault, threatening and disorderly behaviour, abuse, deliberate damage to property and desecration of sacred sites.

Unfortunately, HRC could only draw upon media reports of prosecutions. We don't know what percentage of verdicts get reported by the media. Nor do we know what percentage of complaints ever lead to a successful prosecution. And we have no idea what percentage of incidents ever reach the police desk in the first place. All we know is that this is the tip of the iceberg.

The Human Rights Commission offers a free, informal enquiries and complaints service to deal with discrimination and racial and sexual harassment issues. Discrimination happens when a person is treated unfairly or less favourably than others in similar circumstances.If you think you have faced discrimination, you can make a complaint to the Human Rights Commission here.
Incidents of Islamophobia can be reported here.

I'm not going to include excerpts from the report here because the full power of the work is only gained by reading one after another after another after another.

Hopefully this publication will encourage more victims to come forward. After all, one recent study found that eighty per cent of young Muslim women report being harassed within the last 12 months (more). That's right -- eighty per cent in the last twelve months!

This report is also the perfect Christmas gift for alt-right bozos who scoff at the idea that white supremacism is a problem in New Zealand. In fact I'd like to suggest the HRC makes presentation copies.

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