انضم إلينا   ka pai   thanks for your interest

We're asking for your help to build a democratic platform against white supremacism in Aotearoa/New Zealand. You can become a supporter of Paparoa for a one-off donation of $5 or more and we'd welcome further involvement, on your own terms, subject to a bit of a security check*. When you complete the form below your identity will be kept 100% private - that's a promise! We'll email further details, after which you can decide whether you'd like to take your involvement further.

* Security check
We want people to know they are among friends. At the moment about 20% of the people who fill out the form above are far right nitwits who want to find some way to cause damage. The fact that they are helping to fund us is one of life's quiet ironies. The security check is designed to help us identify these people but on some occasons the results are unclear. This is unfortunate and frustrating for everybody concerned. It means we cannot work with somebody who is very possibly 100% genuine. If you want to work with us more closely but this happens please don't take it personally! It is almost always about a lack of data, which does not reflect upon you in the least.


• To act in the public interest by relaying information on the white supremacist movement, neo nazis, islamophobes and the far right from the community to key figures in mainstream media and research communities;

• To provide practical, moral and financial support to those affected by far right activities;

• To share as much data as possible with others in the Paparoa network, insofar as the law allows;

• To build cooperative relationships with any islamic body, non-governmental organisation, academic, researcher, journalist, or representative of the faith community that is working in the same area.
Please note: These goals are provisional and will be reconsidered at our first members meeting.