Identitarianism: The new choir for little white liars

Identitarianism: The new choir for little white liars

Tom Sewell, NZ-born founder of The Lads Society in Australia, is concerned about marketing. “It doesn’t matter how extreme or how radical we are inside our own circles, we need to maintain this really good public presence.1 In a series of leaked videos he goes on to explain that the Lads Society is merely a “place-holder” that aims to recruit “normies” before transforming itself into an explicitly white nationalist organisation. Then he shifts down a gear:

“As wider society continues to decay we (will) encourage the speed and ferocity of the decay, we (will) politically represent ourselves and our interests, we (will) bleed the old beast dry, taking from it all its useful people, its resources and health until all that is left in what used to be Australia is a dying carcass weak and crippled by its own hypocrisy.1

Rightho. That’s not quite what it says on the tin, though. From the Lads Society homepage:

“We focus on individual improvement, and work to build a stronger community. Each of us has a responsibility - to be our best, and to do our best - for the betterment of our nation.2

It would seem fair to say that Mr Sewell is being somewhat parsimonious with the truth. This is not just a small businessman trying to build a better brand. In fact, this is a man who tried to recruit the Christchurch shooter to help him create a whites-only society3. Let’s not mince words; Tom Sewell is a liar.

Nick Griffin, former leader of the British Nationalist Party, is a little more up-front than Tom Sewell. Speaking to a group of far right leaders in Texas in 2000, he said: “There’s a difference between selling out your ideas and selling your ideas… Instead of talking about racial purity, talk about racial identity4.” Mind you, he gets no brownie point for honesty – this is from another video that was leaked. In reality, Nick Griffin is a white supremacist with a criminal conviction for distributing material likely to incite racial hatred. He has proposed that the EU should sink boats carrying illegal immigrants and has referred to the Holocaust as “the holohoax”5. His suggestion that people talk about identity rather than race is about tricking people. I’m going to call it. Nick Griffin is another liar.

That word Griffin loves – “identity” – has since caught on. Identity Evropa in the U.S.A. is a case in point. Their website (recently closed down) painted them as wholeseome, community-minded folk. However, leaked Discord chat logs show just how false this is6. Racial extermination, holocaust denial, gas oven jokes; it’s all neo-nazi business as usual behind the Norman Rockwell facade. The only difference is a tacit understanding about the need for sugar coating. Here are some of their web posts regarding “JQ” – the Jewish Question:

    • JQ discussion is not meant for widespread normie discussion.
    • “JQ” needs to be done gradually
    • Hide the power level on the JQ as well
    • I am taking a normie friend in s fishing trip and have a chance to play him some podcasts. I need a progression of starter episodes of TDS. Say a five ep package that can get me from white man who is aware vaguely to at least race realist or IQ aware. I won’t get to JQ
    • Platypus, Vanux is barely a racial realist, it’s too early for teh JQ
    • I’m not going near the JQ for now though
    • No JQ yet, just n*ggers
    • …the jq is only several months off if the viewer is making consistent progress
    • If I go near the JQ then he’ll be scared off6

If you want to know what Identity Evropa members really think about “the jewish question”, click here. (Be warned: this material is not for the faint of heart!) Alternatively, you might settle for the relatively well-mannered words of a member who goes by the handle “Kombat-Unit”: “I have to say I lean on the exterminationist side when it comes to the JQ.7

It would seem fair to say that Identitarianism is not what it says on the tin. Again and again, one finds a huge and deliberate discrepancy between what they say in public and what goes on behind closed doors. In light of the above statements, consider how Identity Evropa describe themselves on their website:

“...our main objective is to create a better world for people of European heritage – particularly in America – by peacefully effecting cultural change. Identity Evropa is thus an explicitly non-violent organization.8

Just in case you were taken in again, here’s what their leader Eli Mosley told The War Room in 2017 (again, feel free to skip this paragraph… even with the added asterisks it is vile):

“I work in HR firing n**s and sp*cs all day. Before that, I was in the army and I got to kill Muslims for fun. I’m not sure which one was better: watching n**s and sp*cs cry because they can’t feed their little mud children or watching Muslims brains spray on the wall. Honestly both probably suck compared to listening to a k*’s scream while in the oven.9

The pan-European equivalent of Identity Evropa is known as “The Identitarian Movement”. In Austria, a research group funded by the government found that: “the leading activists, the founding and leading members of the Identitarian movement all come from the organised, militant, extreme right”10. It looks as if the organisation will soon be banned; the country’s largest party – the centre-right People’s Party – has insisted this is a pre-condition for any coalition they enter into.

Earlier this year the German government came to the same conclusion. After three years of research observing the difference between the organisation’s public and private pronouncements, the Identitarian Movement has now been classified as an extreme right-wing group11.

In 2019 the UK branch broke away from its continental partners. They were unwilling to dissemble anymore about their links with far right  extremists. The main character at the heart of the split was Colin Robertson, who describes himself as “pro-slavery” and has called for the torpedoing of refugee boats. Robertson is big on genocidal fantasies as well, saying things like: “There’s a huge contingent of the Scottish population who will absolutely fucking mow down the Muslims when the time comes.12

Generation Identity Canada also had their chat logs leaked recently, although these results aren’t publicly accessible. The Globe and Mail reports: “(“Rusty”) and the others talked eagerly about RaHoWa, or the Racial Holy War, the day when whites would rise up and take back what was, in their view, rightfully theirs from non-whites and feminists in Canada. When members asked which guns to buy in preparation, Rusty – who described owning seven firearms of his own – pointed them to sturdy, reliable weapons that could be used for hunting as well as defence.” (more)

The Identiarian Movement branch in Serbia recently closed down; it probably didn’t help that it was led by Vojislav Seselj, who was convicted in The Hague of crimes against humanity.

Closer to home, not much is known about the tiny group known as Identity Australia. However, it’s worth noting that a video entitled “Identity Australia”, promoted on their FaceBook page, is voiced by Blair Cottrell. This is the well-known neo-nazi whom the Christchurch killer referred to as his emperor.

Local lads

New Zealand’s only identitarian group is Action Zealandia (they replace the Dominion Movement, who closed down after the attack in March). Membership of the group is resticted to men. To be precise, white, not-gay, not-fat men. They stick to the identitarian formula, saying that open anti-Semitism and racism are “a bad look” (not a bad thing) and that the group needs to maintain “good optics” for recruiting purposes13. Here’s what they say on their website:

“Action Zealandia’s goal is to create a positive community and brotherhood of young European New Zealanders... We will achieve this goal via group activities such as rubbish clean ups, camping, group writing sessions and various forms of activism.”

And here’s what a member says in the recently-leaked “Iron March” forum discussions14 (give or take a couple of asterisks):

  • …as Hitler observed there are some races that cannot build civilisations. If the n**s had industry and fair pay and everything, they’d start invading their neighbours and it’d turn into a pig sty again. …I should add that if you hate blacks more than Jews then ur gonna hav a hard time here LOL 😉
  • Economic collapse would be pretty useful for many fascist organisations – give us Weimar and we’ll give you a new reich lmao.14,15

Internal discussions and posts by members of the Dominion Movement and Generation Vengeance were just as bad.

  • (Golriz Ghahraman) will make a fantastic chandelier
  • I can’t wait to see her out on the streets, No holes barred borthers (sic).”
  • Have you seen abbos? There’s no way you could convince anybody they are human
  • One day I’m going to watch every single one of you faggots die a slow painful death and you don’t have the mental capacity to comprehend just how much I’m going to enjoy it.
  • You’re right, the only thing (Hitler) did wrong was not killing the Jews.15

On the bright side

Kiwis have the most finely honed bullshit detectors in the world (there’s actually a study showing that, though I can’t track it down). Most of us realise that identitarianism is just a tacky instagram filter for white supremacy. That’s why those cheesy posters and stickers get torn down as quickly as they go up. That’s why they feel the need to blur their faces in photographs. And that’s why they always pretend to be something they are not. They lie. That’s their thing.

"We want to do a minor re-brand of the alt-right. I personally want to ask @everyone not to use swastikas or other obvious National Socialist imagery (publicly). We are trying to become more mainstream of an ideology, and in the eyes of the normie, Natsoc imagery is pure evil. While the vast majority of the alt right disagrees with what the average normie believes, we need to keep in mind that we are nothing without numbers. We are not changing any of out beliefs or opinions, just how we present publicly. Sorry."

"You can call people faggots as a bad thing if you want, but there are faggots on our side that we tolerate. The time for bashing them isn't now."

(After a march in Poland where swastikas were on open display): "Very bad optics, we need to look weak and pitiable to gain sympathy. We must always play a victim card for people who don't care"

"Btw, isn't blood and soil bad optics? It's the English translation of blut und boden which was used by the third Reich. I mean, we don't want to scare normies right?"

"I would agree that displaying Third-Reich imagery at public recruiting events could be perceived negatively... But, the majority of people would likely agree with quite a bit of what National Socialism has to offer, when it is framed in the right way."

"Plant the seed, come back to it later, but lead them, coax them, gently gently, softly softly."

"Normies are latent racists, it's our job to coax it out of them"

“You sow the soft redpill seeds and then you water them constantly. ... one piece here, an email there, and in the evening an anecdote over beer.”

Identitarian leader Martin Sellner (SOURCE)

“If you ever come to Vienna, we have to go for a coffee or a beer.”

Martin Sellner, to the Christchurch killer (SOURCE)


8. Identity Evropa has since rebranded. This is from an archived copy of their website. See
13. *
15. Providing citations for these quotes is difficult because doing so would identify the individuals concerned, along with others involved in the discussion. This is not a step we would take lightly. If the groups mentioned wish to challenge these quotes then we will happily provide sources and related evidence, however we would ask that they speak to the individuals concerned first.