Kyle Chapman - Photographer at Large

If you want to identify members of the far right in Aotearoa/New Zealand, take a look through the 1100+ photos included in 16 albums posted by Kyle Chapman. Chapman claims he is no longer involved in any of these organisations and has openly apologised. We're not convinced; check out this May 2019 comment from his pseudonymous FB account 'Kerry Coffin'. Either way, he was a key figure for many years: a founding member of the NZ chapter of the Hammerskins before becoming national director of the NZ National Front, list candidate for the Direct Democracy Party, co-founder of the Nationalist Alliance and the Survive Club, and founder of the Right Wing Resistance. (Please note: some of those links are taken from the Internet Archive because the pages have since been taken down).

Chapman was convicted of fire-bombing the Murihiku marae in Invercargill and has admitted to hurling Molotov cocktails at various other buildings, including a girls' school (see Wall, Tony, 9 May 2004, "A picture of white supremacy", Sunday Star Times, and more).

The photos in Chapman's collection show about 130 kiwi neo-nazis, along with various patch designs and some horrendous memes that Chapman seems to have found amusing at the time. Please beware - some of this material is not for the squeamish! The site is hosted in Russia; if the albums are removed you can access an archived copy (as at 3 April 2019) here. We have also made a backup.

Jarrad Randell-Walsh and his Lost Boys

The Dominion Movement is an interesting study in spin. Their leader is Jarred Randell Walsh – pictured here, front of shot. It's a rare photo – members of the group almost always wear masks or have their faces blurred. Co-founder of the organisation is Johan Wolfe who, like Walsh, paints himself as community-minded nationalist. Let's scratch the surface. Here is a post taken from Walsh's FaceBook page in which he defends Hitler ("he was not cruel in the least"). Then there's this photo of Walsh and friend brandishing the nazi "Black Sun" flag – the same symbol Brenton Tarrant had attached to his vest, and which appears in his manifesto (more). And, well, can anyone mistake the logo to the left? Walsh calls Dominion an "identitarian" group (they partnered with Identity Australia in October 2018). This sounds harmless enough until one realises it is the same international movement which Tarrant donated $2500 to in 2018 (more). Tarrant's was also associated with the equally innocuous identitarian group "the Lads Society" in Australia. And then there's the white power signal being flashed by the young boy behind Walsh in the photo – the same one that Tarrant used in court. Don't be fooled by the disingenuous language on their website archived here). The Dominion Movement and "Generation Identity" are the fresh young face of white-supremacism – no matter how they try to spin it.

Kerry Bolton – Putting the Magick back into Fascism

Kerry Bolton was North Island Director of National Front before founding New Force, which later became the Nationalist Workers' Party. He was briefly secretary for the NZ Fascist Union before establishing the NZ Workers’ Front, then becoming national secretary of the NZ National Front. He left in 2005 to form a group known as The New Right.

There is also a "spiritual" side to Bolton's work. In 1980 he co-founded the NZ branch of the Church of Odin – a religious order for "whites of non-Jewish descent". He went on to co-form the Order of The Left Hand, later renamed Ordo Sinistra Vivendi (Order of the Sinister Way). Then came The Black Order, which was "...dedicated to fostering National Socialism, fascism, satanism, paganism and other aspects of the European Darkside" (Goodrick-Clarke, Nicholas, 2003, Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism, and the Politics of Identity, NY University Press). Unlike Chapman, Bolton regards himself as an intellectual. He has written a number of conspiracy theory books and was also creator and editor of The Flaming Sword newsletter and its successor The Nexus, a satanic-Nazi journal. The latter changed its name and became better known as Western Destiny. Bolton disputed some of the claims made about him in 2010, however the court ultimately decided against him (more).

Chris McCabe - Just your Average Kiwi Bloke

Most far-right groups have a moderate and an extremist faction. It's the faultline that underlies most of their splits. This video introduces you to the National Front's mild-mannered Chris McCabe. Like 99% on the far-right, McCabe argues that "we" are acting in self defence. Brenton Tarrant said the same thing, on his way down to Al Noor mosque. However, the Front has always been associated with skinheads, white supremacists, racist attacks and beatings. Leader Colin King-Ansell was jailed for firebombing a synagogue; his predecessor (Kyle Chapman) firebombed a Southland marae, among other things. Nevertheless, McCabe's message is that the "white race" is under attack. Some of the Front use the term "white genocide"; Brenton Tarrant called it "white replacement". Chris McCabe simply says: "white European people globally are under the hammer". Unfortunately some members of the National Front are under the hammer – unemployed, socially alienated, unqualified and desperate. But are immigrants, jews and people of colour really the cultprits?

The Biggest Threat? Proud Boys and Lone Wolves

It seems likely that Chapman, McCabe and Bolton are yesterday's men. Their recent public statements suggest they want it that way. Most other white supremacists are ducking for cover as well. So... has 2019 seen the final act of NZ fascism? Does a lack of leadership mean the end of the movement?

We can look to US data on mass shootings for an answer to this question. The short answer is "no". Characters on the far right often operate in isolation. In the US we find the biggest threat by far to public safety comes from white supremacists (as opposed to groups like ISIS, Al Qaeda etc). 71 percent of extremist-related fatalities between 2008 and 2017 were caused by members of the far-right or white-supremacist movements. It is also worth noting that 97 percent of the perpetrators were male. (more). As an aside, as of December 2018 the Department of Homeland Security, with a staff of 240,000, does not have a single officer monitoring right-wing extremism! (more). US national security strategist P.W. Singer explained why: "...we willingly turned the other way on white supremacy because there were real political costs to talking about white supremacy" (more).

Given the current climate in Aotearoa/NZ, most racist groups have disbanded. This means there are a lot of lone wolves out there. Brenton Tarrant, Anders Brevik, Dylann Roof and Jarad Loughner... these people were all locked up in their lonely and violent echo chambers, without colleagues to provide perspective. When this kind of character emerges, it is often as a committed sociopath. They are accountable only to themselves. This is why the KKK is now advocating for "leaderless resistance". "If the Alt-Right begins to take a page from Beam (ie the promoter of leaderless resistance), it means that they may again begin to plan acts of violence, murder, and outright wholesale slaughter in order to advance their agenda where grassroots activism and outreach has failed them time and time again" (more).

How do we identify these people? Is there any way we can reach out to them? Check out the videos on our Rethinking page. If you know somebody who may represent a public threat, don't engage with them unless you feel safe! If you like, you could join us @Paparoa and use your anonymised ID to reach out. We'd be glad to help. But beware: you will need an extremely strong stomach and a firm grasp on reality. This is a world teeming with false narratives, "alternative facts" and rich kid irony. As Kirsty Johnson put it: "Communication in the alt-right swings wildly between the ultra-earnest and extreme-ironic, with everything cloaked in multiple layers of jargon and vulgarity designed to confused and enrage the liberal left". So don't forget to fact-check what you hear. The Admiralty Code can be useul in this respect. We would love to hear how you get on!
Mass shootings in the USA, 1982 to 2018
US mass killings by skin colour

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