نحن نقف معا   ko tātou tātou  we are one

Do you have information you would like to share with us? Supporters of Paparoa are building a wiki-based system that brings together data on white supremacists and the far right in Aotearoa/NZ. Our aim is to provide a flow of information from the community to the mainstream media, and to use this resource to do whatever we can to reduce the likelihood of  racist/terrorist attacks.

How to share information with Paparoa

Option 1:
Just tell us by email: Use any user name you like… we won’t store your email address unless you say you want to stay in touch. But be warned: hate speech or system abuse may result in your I.P. number being sent on to the police, along with a formal complaint. It may also feature in our “Wit and Wisdom of the Far Right” page, which is currently blank.

Option 2:
This is better for uploading files and for cases where a high level of privacy and security are needed. Set up a free account at (based in Switzerland) and then send your ID name to We’ll explain the rest. This is also a great option if you want to stay in touch and send us more from time to time.

Other alternatives
1) Create a Dropbox (info) and share it with, or
2) Create a folder on Google drive (info) and share it with, or
3) Send us the file(s) by way of a transfer system like Transfernow. This is great for larger files.
4) We can set up a closed one-on-one chat session here:  The advantage of this is that all messages are automatically deleted after 60 seconds (or more/less, if you prefer).